Step 2 Preparation

There are two tools that I recommend for this initial step: Notebook (again), Docs and Spreadsheets
Login to your google account and subscribe to each of these applications.

We used and described a beginning use of Notebook under Step 1. Here we will look at the ability to share and collaborate in Notebook as well as sending your notes to Docs.

Google Notebook lets you share a notebook with a group of people, in a similar way you do this in Google Spreadsheets. These people can add notes or edit notes written by other people, but you can't know who wrote something or when they added a note. You can add collaborators even if the notebook is public.
Additional resources for this function.

Docs and Spreadsheets are online versions of word processing and spreadsheets. These are also capable of being shared and used in a collaborative nature.

  • Share changes in real time
Invite people to your documents and make changes together, at the same time.

Back to the student project - You have collected your notes in Notebook and are ready to move to a more detailed preparation.
Check out how this is done via video. When you have this step conquered, move to Presentation.