Welcome to Oodles of Google a presentation on using the free applications from Google to enhance and transform your classroom. In order to use these extensive applications, you must have a Google account. Video One will show you how to register. Please take a moment to get your account setup if you wish to use the tools as we progress. Google website - click on the Sign In link on top right
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As a long time educator, it has always been easiest for me to understand by seeing and doing. Therefore, I am going to demonstrate some of these tools through an imaginary project: I will do very brief explanations of steps to complete a short report on the leonberger.
The steps I expect my students to complete when creating a project are:
  1. Investigation - research
  2. Preparation - organization
  3. Presentation - the product
  4. Summation - reflection / feedback / archiving
Let's see where Google Applications (login to Google and click on My Account) can assist our students in these steps. On to Step 1 Investigation.