Step 1 Investigation

There are four tools that I recommend for this initial step: Notebook, Web History, Bookmarks, and Alerts
Login to your google account and subscribe to each of these applications.

Launch Notebook
More on how to use Google Notebook.

Launch Web History in another tab of your browser.

In a NEW BROWSER WINDOW, Search for Leonberger dog .

Use Notebook to drag / copy material of interest. Document URLs, highlight and make personal notes as you go.
Your page visits will be saved in your Web History. More on how to use Google Web History.

If you come across a great page, bookmark it. through the star on Web History links. (Bookmark pages more easily. Drag the bookmarklet to the Links area of your browser:
More on Google Bookmarks.

You can register for any new information that is posted through an Alert - information on Dog Rescues for example.
More on using Google Alerts.

ALL THESE APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH My Account at the top of your Google page.

See Notebook and History in action (you can also download the video under Downloads). When finished here, move to Step 2.